Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Into The ToMB - Joining the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers

I have already said on here that I intended to write about approaching Malifaux as a total beginner. Well, guess what? Other people seem to have had a similar idea.

Chris King (@Lemonconstruct) of the Chasing Bacon podcast and Dave Chandler (@iamsssk) of Play It Like Beatdown had noticed the lack of 'beginner friendly' info about Malifaux floating around. They've decided to gather some bloggers together to remedy this. Thus A Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (#ToMB) was born.

The idea is that each player chooses a new Master to build a crew for. Like the old Tale of Four Gamers articles in White Dwarf, we'll each start with a few models - say one of the plastic boxes - build them, paint them and play games with them.

Then, each blogger will sum up their experiences with their new crew over the course of a month, all starting from the 17th February. Mostly this will focus on learning how the crew plays, but will also include painting progress amongst other things.

After Month 1, each player will be able to add something new to their crew and see how that addition affects their gaming experiences. This will carry on for six months. In theory, this is all intended to show what it is like to start playing Malifaux and how you might go about building a crew for a particular Master.

Now, I'm actually a new player, so I will be learning not only a new Master, but the game itself! My hope is that this will provide an even more realistic look at starting a crew from scratch, because I will have less familiarity with ALL the models than the experienced guys.

I'm also planning to keep my original idea of a more general 'Beginner's Guide' to Malifaux as well, so expect plenty of posts as well as the monthly ToMB ones. I'll be looking at fluff, rules, painting, playing and more, so stay tuned!

I'll have another post about ToMB soon, talking about which Master (or Masters...) I've chosen. In the meantime, check out this post by Dave for more detail about the rules and regulations.

See you through the Breach!

The Scribe

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